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Financial Peace University

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?  Is the cost of medical bills making you feel sick?  Is there too much month left at the end of the money?  Are you close to retirement age and wondering if you have enough to carry you thru?  Is it time to send your kid to college and you don’t know how to fit that into your budget?  Have you lost your job, or underemployed and the shortage is catching up with you?  For all these reasons and more, there is help, hope and a plan….its called Financial Peace University FPU.
This 9 week class is for anyone and everyone wanting to learn how to get their finances in order, not only for today but for your future.  This proven 9 week class will be facilitated by Perry and Lisa Darley, who have volunteered their time over the past 20 years by leading many FPU classes from churches in VA beach to Stafford.  If you are serious about getting out of debt, and building wealth, this class is for you.  Payment for your kit is to be made to “Lisa Darley” in the amount of $99 no later than January 5th.   A sign up sheet is in the Narthax where you can leave your check or put it in the Darley mailbox.  If you would rather sign up online, just go to     fpu.com1107246      Contact Lisa if you have any questions:  540-841-4878
There is no better time to focus on your financial future then now!