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Spiritual & Worship Ministries


Acolytes participate in the worship service by lighting and extinguishing candles.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild are people who serve the Lord and the church by caring for the altar and the ceremonial aspects of church services. They keep the Chancel area in good order, prepare for Holy Communion, change banners and paraments, and clean Communion vessels, linen and acolyte robes. Members serve on a regular schedule.


This ministry ensures that all worship services and other special services and or programs are properly monitored for sound, and provides reinforcement of the Word of God by way of audio and video media.


The fellowship committee provides opportunities for all those worshiping with us each Sunday to experience social gatherings alongside the Worship Experience. Our goal is to allow everyone to share a snack while enjoying one another’s company.


This ministry provides bereavement luncheons for the family and friends of any deceased member of Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Prayer Chain

This ministry serves as a network of individuals who take prayerful action, bringing prayer requests and thanksgivings received from others before the Lord.


Our readers are volunteers who enhance the worship service by reading Biblical texts other than the Gospel lesson.


This ministry is a very important volunteer who acts as a greeter and guide in our church. Our ushers unlock and lock the worship center, distribute bulletins, greet members and visitors as they enter the worship center, and gather offerings during worship.


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